The Issues

In Australia 28% of adults are obese and type 2 diabetes has tripled in the last 3 decades with no sign of slowing down. Together they cost the Australian economy billions each year. These perilous percentages and shocking statistics have presented themselves despite the fact that as a population we are closely following the dietary advice that is being recommended to us.

The real issue at the heart of public health is that we are generally following the advice we’ve been given, and it’s not making us healthier! Arguably, the current advice has got us into our current sticky situation. A complete overhaul is needed for our dietary advice based on the scientific evidence in order to improve our nation’s health, and we believe that the PHC is the team for the job but that is only possible with your support.

The Solution

Solving a complex problem such as deteriorating public health is difficult because there are so many moving parts to take into account. With this complexity often what happens is that lots of money is just thrown at the problem instead of taking a step back and actually thinking about what can be done without spending ridiculous amounts of money to work with the current system in place.

As you may have read above the current system of dietary advice is working, in as much as the nation is generally following the advice. Unfortunately, it just so happens that the current advice being given is making us unhealthy rather than the desired effect of becoming healthy.

With that in mind our solution will be to focus initially on the root cause of the problem by simply improving the healthy eating and weight loss guidelines given by the NHS. Namely the Eatwell plate and simple calorie restriction. These have been used for the past 20 years with no improvements in these areas of public health. We will improve these guidelines by publishing our first public report on healthy eating and weight loss guidelines given by the NHS. Alongside this we will notify the government of our recommendations with the help of our incredibly influential founding members and patrons.

After this we will write our next report on dietary advice for those living with diabetes. As before we will notify the government of our recommendations in order to improve our nation’s health. We will repeat this process with other pressing health issues concerning the UK as often as we can until improvements are made.

Turning the tide on public health in the UK doesn’t require throwing ridiculous amounts of money at the problem.

It requires standing back to reflect on how to redirect the NHS’s energy, but we need your support and donations to enable us to do that.